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Easter Bunny Photos - Cherry Hill Programs

Welcome to the Easter Bunny and Cherry Hill Programs!

Cherry Hill Programs delivers unforgettable memories, captured with photos that our clients, team members, and guests cherish. With over 90 years of combined experience and leadership from two of the most respected pioneers in the experiential photo industry, Cherry Hill Photo and The Noerr Programs bring magic with authentic Santa's and Easter Bunnies for the young and young-at-heart.

Get your spring outfits ready and everyone prepped for your annual Bunny pic! We'll be snapping photos from April 5th through April 20th., The Bunny's full schedule can be found HERE. We'd love to see you!

Photo packages range from $24.99-$49.99. Skip those long lines and get right to the Bunny with a Fast Pass. Just pre-purchase your pic package by clicking here! Then, head to the Fast Pass line at the mall. Less time waiting so you can hop back to shopping & having fun.

For more information, please contact Cherry Hill Programs by clicking here.  

To apply for Easter Photo Set jobs, click HERE.